Global rewards & fulfillment

Sourcing rewards made easy 

Kademi is an open platform so you get to pick and choose where and how you want to source and fulfil rewards in your programs.

Use a Kademi partner

Kademi partnered with leading reward providers around the world to give our customers the greatest and broadest choice of rewards in their programs.

Use your own provider

Are you already working with a rewards provider you know and love? If you are, that’s totally fine! Simply upload their rewards into your program.

Do it yourself

Source and fulfill your own rewards using the tools in your Kademi account to upload your rewards catalogue and manage orders.

Reward categories

Make your customers feel appreciated 

Reward and recognize your customers for hitting sales targets, completing online training and participating in your incentive program.


Setup an online store where customers can browse and purchase the latest products and more using their loyalty points.

Digital Rewards

Give your customers access to instant digital rewards including gift cards and digital vouchers they can spend online and offline.

Debit Cards

Convert dollars earned in an incentive program to reloadable debit cards giving your customers the freedom to shop anywhere they want.


Reward customers with real-world experiences from weekends away to overseas adventures, all available through an online reward store.

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